Exercise for Good Skin

We are sure you already know the umpteen benefits of Exercise for your body, but it is also great for the skin!

When you sweat it helps dilate your pores all over your body, that’s why you sweat in the first place! With the open pores, all the dirt and gunk trapped inside gets out, and thus naturally cleansing your pores.

With a good workout, there a a great amount of blood circulation that occurs. Blood carries oxygen which help oxygenate the skin cells.

With age, the natural collagen production also reduces in the skin. With a good amount of blood circulation, the essential nutrients are carried to your skin and thus reverses the signs of ageing.

Another super essential bonus of a good sweaty workout it the post workout GLOW! Yes guys, it’s real! With all the good nutrients, oxygen and water, your skin feels and looks amazing. Its truly said that a good workout is like a mini-facial, you can never go wrong! So go ahead and get that mat rolling and sweat on..




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