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Berry Crush Lip Scrub

Berry Crush Lip Scrub


4.93 out of 5
46 Reviews

This fine Sugar Scrub will take you to Berry Land and exfoliate your chapped and dry lips, giving you soft and moisturised lip!

Full Ingredients List:

  • Sucrose, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter & Lip Safe Flavour Oil.

Net Weight:

  • 10 gms

Pro tip:

  • Follow up with a natural Lip Butter to seal in the goodness.
(46 customer reviews)

Additional information

Weight 25 g

46 reviews for Berry Crush Lip Scrub

  1. Farya Lokhandwala

    This is the 3rd Bliscent product I have tried and it definitely did not disappoint. Used it once and already have seen the difference.

  2. Bhoomica _13

    Smells amazing, great for lips, lips look plumpy, but the price is high as per the quantity and doesn’t stay for long

  3. utsavi shah

    Absolutely love this scrub. Smells amazing and does the job really well. Smoothes out the lips.

  4. Anjali Joshi

    Makes your lips really soft. Apply a lip balm after it.

  5. Shruti Gupta

    It does remove dead skin and makes lips soft.

  6. Sparrow A

    It’s good for lips!! And will leave your lips smooth like baby soft.

  7. mahak khanna

    The texture is so smooth and I loved the product.

  8. Ishita Gandhi

    This is the first lip scrub I have ever bought and while the scent is amazing and the lip scrub itself is delicious, it doesn’t completely remove the dead skin. It is incredibly moisturizing though.

  9. Fanil

    OMG!! this was my first ever lip scrub and I am absolutely in love with. · it helps with pigmentation · world as great natural lip plumper · the smell and the rate is amazing just go for it

  10. Gazala

    It’s a nice product. Don’t worry, and go for it. It makes my lips gorgeous and smooth.

  11. Gayatri Purandare

    I have been using this product for a while now and I can see the result.

  12. Tulika Kaushik

    It not only scrubs the dead cells off of the lips but does not let them dry either. My lips feel hydrated and supple.

  13. Mamtha

    The scrub has excellent structure and is gentle on lips. The fragrance is good, on scrubbing the lips look dry skin free and fresh. Totally like the product and it does what is expected.

  14. Nidhi Rana

    It really feels Good after applying and makes the lip smooth and soft.

  15. aneeka K

    Serves the Purpose. It smoothened, softened and removed Dead cells and it smells and Tastes Amazing.

  16. Divya Reddy

    For all lip problems this is the solution . Thank you.

  17. Uma Menon

    The products scrubs and leaves the lips soft.

  18. Rashmi singh

    Though it is my first time using it but it really works amazing with lovely fragrance…. i love it

  19. Preeti Khan

    Product is worth it & smell like blueberry….overall i love dis smell…love it!!!

  20. Zarnush Tinwalla

    This scrub is quite effective. Removes dead skin & smoothes the lips. Smells amazing.

  21. Sumedha Turumella

    This is my all new favourite lip scrub! Tastes great, smells and keeps lips smooth!!

  22. Heena Agrawal

    This is my first but for any lip scrub…and must say it’s great

  23. shreya chanasana

    This lip scrub is totally worth every single penny. It exfoliates you lips very nicely also the taste is fantastic. Must try. As it is very affordable

  24. Ekra

    This scrub is effective at exfoliating the lips, yet it is gentle and all natural. Since the scrub is sugary based so it removes grimes.

  25. Reshu Aggarwal

    Good scrub to start with! Lips turn out to be quiet soft after scrubbing! Must try

  26. Shivani Sunkari

    Smells amazing and gently exfoliates the lips leaving them soft and smooth

  27. Fatima Mohsin

    Lovely packaging and bottle. Very effective scrub as well

  28. Sampriti Ghoshal

    Works great for dry and chapped lips

  29. Shana Banerji

    Great product, a little goes a very long way. I almost use it weekly, and have not been able to finish 1/4 in 2-3 months time. Good for chapped lips.

  30. Shikha Thakral

    Its exfoliate my lips in the best way, fragrance is awesome, the best time to use in night after that use lip balm.

  31. Neha

    The product is good
    Smells really good.
    It’s not harsh on skin

  32. Amina Khan

    Such a great product! So hydrating and nourishing. It makes the lips super soft and smooth. Definitely recommended.

  33. Pallavi

    Best Scrubber for Lips and leave supple feel

  34. Akanksha jadhav

    Very nice

  35. RMYA ch

    doing its decent job scrubs and moisturizes

  36. Akanksha Gupta

    My lips definitely feel softer after using this. I pair it with their raspberry lip balm, and I love the combo! 🙂 I wish the quantity was larger but it’s alright, use a bit at a time.

  37. Shaj Swar

    Get this tiny cute sa blue berry lip scrub it smells so gud and it works so gud… delivered right on time.

  38. Samia Hussain

    It came in a beautiful packaging. Also it has a sweet smell and nice texture. I love this scrub

  39. Yash Tomar

    This lip scrub comes in a very cute tube box. Colour is pretty fine. It has sugar like granules. I applied it for 5 minutes. It really removes dry cells and reduces Chappiness.

  40. Smrutishree Mohanty

    I had a lip scrub of another brand but that one literally didn’t do anything abt my chapped lips. But this particular one works really good. Removes most of the dried dead akin layer from my lips. I won’t say completely but if u see the price, it does quite a good job.

  41. Arshia Sharma

    i am using a scrub for the first time and i am not disappointed. i have really chapped lips and it has helped me A LOT. but do not confuse it for a moisturizer. do use a good lip balm after using the scrub and u would not be disappointed.

  42. Jayeshtha kapoor

    I really really loved this scrub ! The container is soo cute ! And lasts more than 1.5 year ! Lovely ! Totally WORTH IT ! The smell is soo good and granules are so fine it does an amazing job with lips ! Also it lasts more than year

  43. Debasmita Ghosh Dastidar

    Such a beautiful scruber… It scrubs well and exfoliate the real somoothess of your lips… Just go for it.

  44. Priyanshi Srivastva

    Okay so it does great job making lips smooth and removing dead skin but it comes in a really small container

  45. S Sharma

    Cute little scrub with berry flavour and colour. Does the job and is very gentle to lips. Go for it!!!

  46. Aliana Riya

    I used thrice and it really helped i git rid of chapped lips and now my lips are smooth and it removed the blackness as well. Quantity eise less but quality wise awesom. It smells like blackberry and it has a sweet taste.

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