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Cucumber & Carrot Seed Face Oil

Cucumber & Carrot Seed Face Oil


Gotu Kola is a unique ingrediet full of Vitamin C which helps for collagen synthesis and gives the skin a youthfullness.

Carrot Seeds Oil is rich in Vitamin A and E, which helps for cell regenration.

Hemp helps to naturally maintain the sebum protiction of the skin without clogging the pores. Cucumber Seed helps to maintain the natural skin barrier and improving the elasticity of the skin.

How to Use:Take 2-3 drops of the Face Oil and massage on clean and damp skin. Let the oil sink into the skin before layering the next product.  You may also add drops of this to your Face Moisturiser to seal in the goodness.

When To Use: This oil can be used in your AM and PM routine.

Who Can Use It: Anyone and everyone seeking to have a nourished and healthy skin with natural ingredients. This is recommended for Dry, Normal, Combination and Sensitive Skin Type. If you have any of these plus acne prone skin then you should this. Consistency is key for results to show.

What Does It Smell Like: It has notes of  Frankincense and Rosemary. Will make you feel calm and relaxed.


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