Cake Frosting Lip Scrub

Cake Frosting Lip Scrub


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Jojoba Oil is full of Oleic, Lignoceric and Gondoic Acid, making it perfect to hydrate dry and chapped lips when used on a  regular basis. It also acts like a natural barrier to protect your lips.

Shea Butter has a high content of natural fatty acids and vitamins due to which it helps to improve dry skin. It helps support the integrity of the skin by hydrating, locking in essential moisture, increasing circulation and protecting against the damage from UV radiation.

  • Take a small amount of the Lip Scrub and scrub on damp lips in circular motion for 15-20 seconds.
  • The gentle exfoliation will help to remove and reduce all the dry flaky skin cells from the lips.
  • After scrubbing rinse with water or use a wash cloth to wipe your lips.

22 reviews for Cake Frosting Lip Scrub

  1. Roopshri

    This scrub is very important for my lips coz I always apply matte lipsticks and those lipsticks they just dry out my lips. Daily night I scrub my lips with and apply a lip balm and my lips will be so soft and shiny

  2. Priyanka Kandalkar

    My lips are very dry and if I apply a Matt lipstick then the skins starts peeling…from the time I started using bliscent lip scrub the dryness is going and peeling has reduced. I just love this scrub as it make my lips baby soft.. ????

  3. priyankapatil9858

    Loved it?? worth buying the product?

  4. vandanatak15

    Absolutely loved it as it’s something new and keeps my dry lips soft and glossy ?

  5. Tanushree

    this scrub is really amazing and the fragrance feels like applying 24 times a day..I am in love with it. It is even better than the mac lip scrubs that I have tried so far..:*

  6. Debanjana Biswas

    This lip scrub is an amazing one! The smell is to die for omg! The texture of the scrub is so fine to scrub the lips well. After scrubbing, lips feel moisturized. Amazing one. Go for it!

  7. Saaylee Danait

    One of the best lip scrubs available. The fragrance is awesome and so yummy.

  8. Astro-Spiritual World

    I just kinda love love love this product. It’s very affordable and effective lip scrub. it exfoliates my lips and also makes them look even tone. A must-have for every lipstick lover to exfoliate lips regularly. One more thing. It smells heaven !!

  9. Kanimozhi A

    This scrub is awesomely good. It gives soft & supple lips! Loved it.

  10. Gayathri Deshpande

    I used to use DIY lip scrubs earlier. But it is always messy and time consuming. So I finally try my hands on this. This is the first time I bought ready made lip scrub. I always feel it is too much to spend on just 10 Grams of product. But it is worth it. You only need really very small amount it it works great without hurting my lips
    I use this once or twice a week.

  11. Remi Sarkar

    If u love butterscotch or vanilla smell then this is ur thing..finely blended particle.I have noticed that my lips feel buttery smooth and well moisturized after washing it off.

  12. shahinamullick1116

    This is the best lip scrub you can have. It made my lips so soft and after that I used bliscent lip butter???

  13. Sonal Baviskar

    Really good. Leave the lips moisturized and soft.

  14. Mumma Lahiri

    It gives smoothen effect immediately after scrubbing, not at all harsh, sugary substances -wonderful quality.

  15. Akshita Shukla

    It smells so good and does what it claims.

  16. Divya Nathani

    I really like this product, there an effective result, there’s no harm, and it’s smells very good. Must try.

  17. Snehal Borole

    After using this, lips feel soft and moist. It is also effective on tanned lips.

  18. Mandavi Shivam

    This scrub gently exfoliates the dead skins of lips and leaves it super hydrated. One will definitely feel the difference in first use.

  19. karishmachellani04.kc

    Cake Frosting Lip Scrub works as mentioned in the description, makes your lips soft and moist along with exfoliating the dead skin.

  20. shailysingh00108

    A good lip scrub mainly contains two agents; an exfoliating agent and a moisturizing agent, and this lip scrub contains both in just right amount. The ingredients are natural plus are very good for the lips. The scrub particles are very fine. Sloughs off the dead skin while keeping the lips supple.

  21. Ruchika Mahajan

    The lip scrub is little sugary powdery in texture. Does the job well of lip scrubbing . The packing is good.

  22. Anwesha Bhowmik

    Worked for me. Makes my lips spft and is also hydrating.

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