Gooseberry & Turmeric Face Toner

Gooseberry & Turmeric Face Toner


Rose and Vetiver Hydrosols help to cool down the skin making it hydrated and firm.

Goosebery (Amla) Hydrosol is a powerful antioxidant pumped full of Vitamin C.

Turmeric Hydrosol is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory smd great for dry skin. Along with Lavender Hydrosol they both help provide a radiant complexion.

After cleansing, spritz the toner generously all over your face, keeping your eyes closed. Do not wipe it dry and let the toner get absorbed by your skin. If using a face oil/face cream, use it while the skin is still damp after using the toner for better absorption. This toner can also be used any time of the day to refresh the skin such as post a workout or while travelling.


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