Sparkling Berries Body Mousse

Sparkling Berries Body Mousse


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Apricot Oil has abundant levels of Vitamin K and E and is a power house of antioxidants such as caffein acid and various catechins. The emollient properties of this oil helps to keep the skin deeply moisturised, eliminating patched of dry skin and keeping the skin soft and supple.

Cocoa Butter with its high Fatty Acid and natural plant compound called phytochemicals improves the blood flow to the skin, hydrates and improves the skin elasticity, keeping ageing at bay!

  • Take a small amount of the Body Mousse and gently massage in circular motion on damp skin.

5 reviews for Sparkling Berries Body Mousse

  1. divyangna.bali

    The mousse is exactly as the name suggests, it’s exceptionally smooth and light. I had my apprehensions when I started using it but they were put to rest within the second day application of the mousse. It’s non sticky and gets absorbed quickly, leaving behind soft and moisturised skin.
    Thanks for the wonderful product. Love it and will be reordering it soon

  2. roshnir910

    Berrylicious!!! Its light….almost like a berry scented whipped cream. Its easily absorbed into the skin and lasts through the day! ?

  3. Neela Shah

    Makes my skin so soft and nourished!! I love the fragrance and I apply after shower it smells so good all day! Love itttt

  4. Ishita Mehta

    OMG it smells amazinggg! I can eat it :p love it!

  5. Swathi

    It smells amazing n moisturises my skin. It makes my skin soft n I really love it

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