Sweet Cocoa Lip Kit

Sweet Cocoa Lip Kit

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5.00 out of 5
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5 reviews for Sweet Cocoa Lip Kit

  1. Priyanka B

    This lip Balm is really so lighter on your lips, You feel like you have applied something on your lips I really liked the smell of it..

  2. Sonia

    Believe me it’s miracle solution, I have tried so many lip Balms but nothing worked like this one I am never going to back to any other brand..

  3. Anchal Nigam

    Haven’t tried any lip scrub before, but this is definitely a must-try, the moisture that lips need, is tough to achieve with all the products we apply on the lips, its so easy to scrub and just apply the balm before any makeup routine. It keeps the lips perfectly moisturized and soft. Recommend product.

  4. Ankita Lal

    Such an amazing product set. Definitely my go to for daily use.

  5. Ami R

    Absolutely amazing. Chemical free and natural products is the next thing and Bliscent has got that spot on. The flavor of Hot Chocolate Lip Balm is as it’s needed. Looking forward to try other products.

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