Tropical Vanilla Body Mousse

Tropical Vanilla Body Mousse


4.75 out of 5
8 Reviews

Apricot Oil has abundant levels of Vitamin K and E and is a power house of antioxidants such as caffein acid and various catechins. The emollient properties of this oil helps to keep the skin deeply moisturised, eliminating patched of dry skin and keeping the skin soft and supple.

Cocoa Butter with its high Fatty Acid and natural plant compound called phytochemicals improves the blood flow to the skin, hydrates and improves the skin elasticity, keeping ageing at bay!

  • Take a small amount of the Body Mousse and gently massage in circular motion on damp skin.

8 reviews for Tropical Vanilla Body Mousse

  1. Manisha K

    Makes the skin super soft and smooth. Love the scent. Will be purchasing more soon..

  2. Minakshi Kamghar

    Super fluffy and absorbed into the skin so quick. Love it ?

  3. Shweta Kumar

    The fragrance is amzinngggg and makes skin so soft. Definitely will try again.

  4. Alisha A.

    This smells divine ! And so soft on the skin

  5. Heena Shah

    Love this body cream. Use it everyday after shower and makes skin smooth. Thanks Bliscent

  6. Ravisha Mistry

    I luv dis coconut type cream. Makes me want to smell my hand all d time…. it goes in d skin eazily

  7. Sana Sheth

    Smells just like a tropical dessert ! It’s so soft and gets absorbed pretty quickly. I usually apply it just after taking my bath. Can’t do with this one in my routine.

  8. Neeta Shah

    Smells heavenly , leaves the skin very refreshing.I have been using this product from last 2 years and very happy with it.

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