9 Days / 9 Tips / 9 Skincare Products for Navratri

The happy 9 Days of Navratri are here and we have some great tips and tricks to kick start the festive mood and indulge in skincare.



Skincare Tip: Dry Brushing - Dry Brushing is a very therapeutic exercise. Works on lymphatic drainage and increases blood flow. Also helps to shed dry skin cells.

Product: Body Polish - Let your skin feel soft and smooth with our luxurious sugar-based scrubs. No plastic beads to make the drain nasty, just pure unadulterated love for your skin and planet.



Skincare Tip: Face Towel - Be sure to use a different face towel to wipe your face and avoid using the same one that you use for the body. Why pass on the germs to your delicate face?

Product: Face Wash - A face wash should be gentle, moisturizing and non-drying and ours checks the right boxes. Have you tried it yet? Works beautifully for all skin types and also anytime of the day. It's gentle enough for all ages as it has no SLS.




Skincare Tip: Steaming - Helps to open up the pores before application of a face mask or before a face massage.

Product: Face Mask - Let the right product work for you without over drying your skin  and keeping it hydrated and nourished while pulling our dirt and grime effortlessly! Which one is your pick from our Chocolate and Charcoal one?



Skincare Tip: Lip Mask - Don't have an overnight lip mask? Use a heavy dose of our Lip Butter to wake up to soft beautiful lips.

Product: Lip Care - Lip care is often neglected during festive season as one is always wearing lip sticks and Lip glosses. These tend to dry out the lips and pigments get deposited in the cracks of the lips. Make sure to check our range of Lip Scrubs to effortlessly buff away dry skin in a jiffy.



Skincare Tip: Damp Skin - When we apply our favourite moisturisers and face oils, we except them to deliver results. The best way to make the most of them is by using them on damp skin so the water on the skin can take the product to the deepest layers of your skin and do the work!

Product: Face Toners - Easy to use and super refreshing, our Face Toners help to rejuvenate, hydrate, and add lots of nourishment to your skin in just a few sprays. They are pure, unadulterated, and made with delicate flowers and fruits to have the most effective results on your skin every day.



Skincare Tip: Ghee for your feet - Ghee is known to calm your tired soles after a long day. Simply rub some on your feet and have a good night’s sleep.

Product: Foot Soak - Foot care is often ignored but we changed the narrative with easy to use Foot Soaks for a relaxing spa like feel at home. Just add a spoon in a bucket of water and soak your feet. Say hello to soft and beautiful feet! What’s your pick, Peppermint or Lime?



Skincare Tip: Eye Yoga - Our eyes have very delicate skin around them and we strain and stretch them every day thanks to our modern lifestyle. It is important to include some basic Eye Yoga in your everyday routine to keep your muscles relaxed.

Product: Under Eye Oil - Made with a blend of oils and infusion of Coffee and Marigold, our under-eye oil works tirelessly to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Be sure to use it every night for best results as consistency is key!



Skincare Tip: Scalp Massage - Nothing stimulates the hair follicles like a good old champi but due to our hectic lives, we do not have the time for a massage and wash every other day. Try a dry scalp massage but running your fingers through your scalp and hair for 5 mins every day and see the results.

Product: Hair Pack - Our Fenugreek Hair Pack comprises of some handpicked ingredients which are great for your scalp and tresses. It’s a unique composition to soften your strands, reduce inflammation and dandruff and keep your scalp oil free and fresh. Check it out here.


Skincare Tip: Keep it Simple

Product: While there are multiple products and skincare trends out there today both in India and Internationally, choose what works for your as per your needs. Identify your concern and then choose products to avoid hoarding and buying without need. At the end, skincare should be fun for you and your senses!

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