BLISCENT Luxury Skincare is a clean skin and hair care Indian brand. Our brand focuses on nature derived and indulgent skincare which not only meets the basic needs of a healthy skincare routine but also makes the skin feel nourished while stimulating the senses. The products are formulated keeping various skin types in mind, with plant and seed based ingredients, that are effective and enjoyable at the same time. We strive to encourage the Indian audiences to consume natural and made in India products which are not only effective, but also have non-fussy and note-worthy ingredients.

Karishma and Shefali founded the brand in 2014 with the sole purpose of creating clean skincare products for the on-the-go women and men.We understand that most women and men today have very busy routines and cannot usually find the time to invest in elaborate skincare routines. This is why we at BLISCENT, strive to make products that are easy to use. We believe in simple skincare routines which would easily fit into anyone's lifestyle effortessly.

Having researched on each multiple ingredients which go into commercial products, we started the brand with minimal number of ingredients in the product, thus eliminating the need to use artificial fillers and unnecessary additives but just pure and clean ingredients.

Bliscent strives to ensure that most ingredients are directly sourced from nature. We create products that will pamper, rejuvenate and heal your skin with clean and simple formulations. 

Our product formulations are free from: 

  • Alcohol
  • Animal Testing
  • Petrolatum & Mineral Oils
  • Artificial Fillers 
  • Unnecessary Chemicals
  • SLS 
  • Pthalates
  • Formalaldehyde
  • Carcinogenic ingredients