Are you neglecting your body care?

In the recent years, the skincare industry has evolved a lot.  With more and more brands and products reaching the consumers, it's becoming even more difficult to choose the right product for yourself as everything seems just great. There also are a plethora of products that are available for face care. However, the same importance is not given to body care for that matter.


Let's understand what is body care exactly. It's taking care of your skin from below the neck to your feet. Starting from cleansers like soaps and shower gels to body nourishment products like body creams, lotions and butters to even indulgent body oils. Not to forget the hand and foot lotions, body scrubs and even foot soaks and foot masks.

 Well, you'd argue that all of the above are pretty time consuming and tough to do daily. We agree that it can get tedious. But we also know how important it is to include atleast a few of the above once or twice a week minimum.

 To make it easy for you, we have made an easy-to-follow weekly chart which includes a few of the above products:

Monday - Body Scrub

Tuesday - Face Mask as an armpit mask

Wednesday - Body Oil Massage

Thursday - Face Mask for your booty

Friday - Body Scrub

Saturday - Body Oil Massage

Sunday - Foot soak and foot mask

These steps are basic and easy to execute.

Here's hoping you're using your soap / shower gel and lotion daily!

Please check our BLISCENT body care collection to see what we have to offer from our luxurious and sensorial BODY CARE Range. How do you take care of your skin?


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