Farm to Face Skincare


You have probably heard and eaten at restaurants that follow the “Farm to Table” philosophy. It basically means that the food has minimum adulteration and processing before being prepared and landing at your table. Well, “Farm to Face” also means the same thing. Products and formulations are as fresh as can be when they reach your face.

This propaganda focuses on the use of fresh ingredients that are obtained locally or produced on the premises where production takes place. This ensures the purest quality of the products and ensures the availability of the freshest ingredients (ideally free of potentially harmful toxins).

At BLISCENT, we believe in fresh and effective skincare with zero fillers as they do not deliver anything to the skin. Why put it in the product for the sake of it? Keeping this is mind, the efficacy of the ingredients is extremely important for the formula to work and deliver results.

Our product range includes products for the lips (Lip Butters & Lip Scrubs), Foot Care (Foot Soaks), Face Oils, Face Toners, Under Eye Oil and Hair Pack to name a few. A lot of these products do no need or contain any additives and are made with 100% fresh ingredients.

Let’s go deeper into our Toners to know what the whole Farm to Face means for BLISCENT. Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Face Toner : Ingredients include Eucalyptus Hydrosol, Mandarin Hydrosol, Orange Hydrosol, Camphor Hydrosol, Tea Tree Essential Oil & Sweet Lime Essential Oil – THAT’S ALL!

 To keep the freshness of the hydrosols intact, they are prepared at the factory right before the batch is taken into production. The Mandarin Hydrosol is prepared by procuring the fruit, doing the due diligence for quality check and then going forward to preparing the Hydrosol at the factory which then goes into the Toner. There are no other middlemen or repacking or the hydrosol from another vendor (which means the product efficacy is maintained).

Let’s take another example of our  Pumpkin & Rosehip Under Eye Oil . Ingredients include oils of Tamanu, Pumpkin Seed, Almond, Moringa, Apricot Kernel, Rosehip, Gotukola, Walnut & Castor, Essential Oils of Sweet Lime, Vetiver, Fennel & Lavender, Infusions of Arabica Coffee, Calendula & Marigold petals.

 For the production, the 1st step is infusion of the coffee and flowers in oil. Fresh flowers are procured for this. Moving on to the production of oil. To maintain the quality, standard and costs, the oils are cold-pressed at the factory and again, outside vendors are not used for procurement of the oils. This means the oils are 100% pure and of very high quality.

At BLISCENT we are proud of our unadulterated products. Our products not only are effective and soothing to use but also deliver a sensorial experience to the end user.

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