Hormones & Skin : Complete guide

The most natural thing is to age but more important is to age gracefully. Over the age of 30, we notice many changes in our body and skin due to the fluctuations and changing state of hormones. It’s important to understand what’s happening to maintain great skin and hair. Many factors are involved in the skin’s ageing like genetics, inflammation, lipid production and overall hormonal levels.

Ageing process is inevitable and the most important factor is the endocrine system. The system produces and regulates hormones and thus it is important to have a healthy endocrine system. A decline in it can drastically impact the state of hormones. This can lead to us having dryness, fine lines, pale skin and thinning of hair. Let’s look at a few important hormones for women:

Oestrogen: This is the beauty hormone and is in charge of your shape, state of hair and skin. Oestrogen and its optimum levels affect skin thickness, wrinkles formation, skin moisture, collagen production and maintain epidermal thickness. During times of elevated hormonal activity like pregnancy or being on oral contraception, skin pigmentation can be triggered. During menopause, the lack of this hormone leads to hair-fall and thinning.

Progesterone: This hormone plays a vital role in regulating various functions of the body. It is essential for a healthy pregnancy, regulated your monthly cycle and conception. High levels can make the skin feel tight and affect collagen production.

Testosterone: This is the male hormone then defines all masculine characteristics. Coarse and thicker hair coupled with oiler skin and a late onset of ageing is all thanks to this hormone in men. Altered androgens affect women with alopecia and hair loss. Lot of changes are seen post menopause as the balance between androgen and oestrogen is present.

Thyroid: Balance is the key when it comes to checking your thyroid hormones. The hormones affect metabolism, body temperature, muscle strength, skin, menstrual cycle, weight and cholesterol levels. Too much of it and the skin can become warm and flushed. Too little can make your skin feel dry, coarse and thick. It also affects hair loss and thinning if in imbalance.  

If you do face any issues internally and externally it is important to check your hormone levels. Many lifestyle factors and stress keep the hormones off balance and cause more problems to your overall health. Keep a check on your overall mind, body and soul to feel happy and light each day everyday day.

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