How to select a Face Mask based on your skin type?


In today’s market there are so many different masks available for the skin, ranging from Peel-offs to sheets to wash off to bubble masks! All of them might or might not be effective for your skin in the long run and thus it is very important to select a Face Mask based on your skin type. So what do you begin with?

 1) Understand your skin type: Before making any purchase for any product it is important to know your skin and how it changes in different weather conditions too. For example someone with Combination skin might have drier skin during winters and more oil feel during monsoon and humid weather. Thus the mask you select will also change as per the weather.

2) What is the basic skin concern that the Face Mask will address: There are masks which detoxify, some that add moisture, some that are cleansing and so on. So it is important to know what each Face Mask addresses. For instance a Clay based mask will purify the skin where as an Aloe Vera or Hylauronic Acid based mask will add lots of moisture to the skin. So understand what concern your skin has before making the purchase. Different skin areas have different concerns so multi masking is super beneficial. Some areas for example are more prone to white heads and black heads, thus a pore-refining mask can be used in those areas. Some parts of the skin mightbe dries so a more hydrating mask can be used. This way you can get the benefits of two masks at one time for specific skin areas.
3) Read the labels: It is important and imperative to read labels of not just Face Masks but also of other skincare products that you use regularly. Some masks might have ingredients that do not suit your skin. For instance some skins are allergic to nut and nut oils, thus a nourishing mask that has Almond Oil might not be good for your skin and might lead to allergy or break out.
4) Avoid masks with similar ingredients: Today there are multiple masks available that are Charcoal based. So opt for the ones that have unique ingredients. Our Charcoal & Green Tea Mask is a pore-cleansing mask with Tomato and Papaya extracts. These ingredients you might not find in another mask and that’s what makes this unique. Similarly our Chocolate & Licorice Face Mask is made with skin brightening ingredients like Gotu Kola and Licorice that are unique to our formulation. It is best face mask for glowing skin. 
With so many options in the market, select a mask based on your need and concern.

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