Hydration and Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL)

Water is life. Our bodies are made up of 50-70% water. It is extremely important to have enough water everyday as it aids digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion.But water is also equally important for healthy and radiant skin. Claims have been made that drinking enough water helps the skin to look supple and younger. Our skin is the largest organ and it covers us from head to toe. Skin is also made with cells, which in turn are made of water. Without sufficient water, the skin will look dead and dull.

When the skin does not get sufficient water or lacks hydration then it makes the cells disintegrate, making the skin look patchy and worn out. Dry skin eventually looks tight and flaky. With our breathing and daily functions, our skin loses water too. With more water loss than taken in, the skin becomes prone to wrinkling and loses elasticity.

A common skincare term is Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), which denotes the water evaporating from the surface of the skin to the external environment. On an average TEWL is 300-400ml per day, however it changes due to climatic conditions. Dry skin shows higher levels of TEWL and reduces the water holding and binding capacity of the skin cells. Therefore with higher loss and lesser water content in the skin, proper hydration is imperative.

When we drink water, it reaches all the other organs before it reaches the skin, thus making it important to always be well hydrated and also using hydrating products for the skin. Include products that have a humactant which draws moisture to the skin, lock in moisture and repair the skin’s barrier. Make sure to also have an occlusive product in your regime to seal the moisture to seal in the moisture as the last step of your skincare routine. Our Cucumber & Carrotseed Face Oil is the perfect product to add as your last step. 

Dry skin is not the same as Dehydrated skin

People tend to often confuse Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin. Dry skin is caused by lack of sebum (oil) produced by the skin naturally and thus needs a dry skin product needs to be used to balance the sebum levels. Dehydrated skin lacks hydration and moisture. Factors like age, weather and lifestyle can change the skin condition.

Dry skin is usually itchy, dry, flaky and inflamed. Dehydrated skin signs are lack luster and dull skin, fine lines near mouth, wrinkles and dark lines and shadows near the eyes. Oils and creams can reduce dryness but not reduce signs of dehydrated skin. Thus it is a myth that Oils can hydrate the skin, they can only repair dryness. However hydrating ingredients like hydrosols, hyaluronic acids, glycerin, honey and more increase the water levels in the skin.


Here are a few easy steps to increase hydration:

  1. Drink enough water and liquids through out the day, no excuses here.
  2. Eat hydrating fruits like Oranges and Melons in the summer.
  3. Use a hydrating Facial Toner/Mist.
  4. Avoid hot water for the skin, it dehydrates the skin and compromises the skin’s barrier
  5. Include a hydrating Face Mask in your regular routine to add a boost of hydration to the skin.
  6. Use a hydrating Eye Cream.


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