Monsoon Hair Care

But rainy season also comes with a plethora of hair problems. Increased humidity and heat which disturbs the pH balance of the scalp creates problems such as frizzy hair, dandruff and hairfall are some common issues that most people face. Taking care of your locks during this time is absolutely crucial to maintain hair health.

Here are some steps you can include in your routine to bring back the shine to those limp and lustre-less strands:


1) Keep your hair dry - It is super tempting to get wet in the rain and enjoy it to the fullest. However rainwater is acidic and dirty which is harmful for your hair. So try to keep your hair dry as much as possible. Incase you do end up getting wet in the rain then immediately shampoo your hair and use a soft t-shirt to dry your hair to reduce friction.

 2) Oil your scalp regularly - Treat yourself to a self oil head massage a few hours before washing your hair. This will naturally keep your hair moisturised and will be a boon for dry hair. However, do not use too much oil as you will need to use excess shampoo to wash it out which beats the purpose of oiling the hair.

3) Use conditioner - A rich conditioner after shampooing will help to lock in moisture and reduce frizz. Apply conditioner only to the mid and end parts of your hair and avoid using on the scalp. Rinse it off after a few minutes with cold water for shiny and moisturised hair.

 4) Use a good comb - Choose a widetoothed comb to detangle your tresses easily with minimum breakage. Avoid sharing your comb with other people to mitigate risks of getting fungal infections. You can also use a wide toothed comb in the shower to comb and distribute the conditioner in your hair evenly.

5) Eat nutrient rich food - Hair health largely depends on your diet and providing your body with healthy foods will ensure long and lustrous hair. Consume foods rich in protein, iron and good fats such a walnuts, spinach, eggs, mushrooms, yoghurt, fish and a rainbow of seasonal fruits and veggies. Cut out junk and processed foods from your diet as much as possible. Drinking adequate water is also an absolute must to ensure that your locks remain hydrated.

6) Use natural/home made products for your hair - Try to use least processed products to maintain your hair which contain natural ingredients and minimum amount of chemicals. Making DIY masks at home are also extremely beneficial using kitchen ingredients like yoghurt, banana, honey, coconut milk etc. Try to use less or no heat to style your hair as it will further damage them.

These small and effortless hair care hacks will ensure long and strong hair that is healthy and happy.

Check out our Fenugreek, Ginger & Nettle Hair Pack which contains no chemicals or preservatives and is a great option to carry out some of the steps mentioned above. Made with fine botanicals, powders and essential oils, it will help with reducing hair fall, dandruff and give the hair strength and softness. It also helps with hair growth and volume.


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