Normalizing Skin Woes

Skin woes like dark circles, milia and dull skin are NORMAL. They indicate that we are going through different phases in our life. Instead of fretting about them and stressing yourself and your skin out, here are some tips to learn more about these and how to take care of them:

Dark circles tell stories about all the hard work we pour into making our goals reach fruition. They can also be caused due to genetics, lack of sleep, rubbing your eyes, dehydration and other lifestyle factors. Give your skin some love by applying our Pumpkin & Rosehip Under Eye Oil to keep that area moisturised. Always apply any under eye products very gently without tugging your skin as it is extremely thin and prone to sagging. 

Under Eye Oil

Milia are small white bumps on your face caused due to excessive sun exposure or dead skin cells being trapped under new skin. In most cases milia clears up within a few weeks but can be sped up by limiting sun exposure, using sunscreen and gentle exfoliation upto twice a week. Please do no pop or scrape these as this can lead to scarring.

Dull and tired skin is just an indicator that our body, mind and skin need some rest and refreshment. Do try to balance out work/personal life and feed your body some nourishing fuel. Dehydration can also cause dull skin so hydrate your body with atleast 8 glasses of water everyday. Skimping on moisturizer, especially if your skin tends to be dry, can affect the appearance of your skin. Hydrate your skin with our fresh Face Toners and our ultra lightweight Olive Squalane & Cantaloupe Gel Moisturiser for plump skin.


If you are going through these skin changes, then don't stress as that accelerates the ageing process! Instead, sit back, relax and know that your skin is beautiful the way it is. It is normal to go through skin changes :)  



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