Quick glow tips for you and your sibling to do this Raksha Bandhan


Brothers and Sisters – the most beautiful and everlasting bond that exists! Call it a love or a hate relationship, that’s what being siblings is all about. You love to tease your siblings and they will get on your every last nerve, but at the end of the day, all we want is to see them flourish and be happy.

This Rakhi, we want to share some of our favourite hacks that you and your sibling can follow to have a fun day full of bonding, love and pampering!

  1. Start the day with brewing some green tea together. Don’t throw those tea bags out! Once you’re done sipping on your teas, use those tea bags on your eyes for a relaxing time. Did you know that green tea is a great anti-aging ingredient that helps treat acne and reduces inflammation?
  2. Put some of your favourite music on while you both enjoy the cooling effect of those tea bags and reminisce about some of your fun childhood memories to get a good laugh. Music, laughter with loved ones and pampering yourselves – Hello, oxytocin!
  3. Now that those under eyes are moisturised, give your skin some love with a Charcoal & Green Tea Face Mask to cleanse your pores and give you fresh glowing skin. It will help to get rid of excess dirt and sebum too.
  4. Wash off that mask after 7-8 mins with a gentle and mild Lychee & Sea Buckthorn Face Wash – one that does not strip your skin and cleanses effortlessly.
  5. Follow up with the weightless Gel Moisturiser – Olive Squalane & Cantaloupe  for plump and hydrated skin.
  6. Now that your skincare pamper sesh is sorted, time to dress up for Rakhi and enjoy some festivities.
  7. Don’t forget to celebrate with your siblings with some yum food and thoughtful gifts!

Spending quality time, exchanging anecdotes and bonding over skincare are one of the best ways of spending this Rakhi with your siblings. Give them a tight hug and tell them how much they are loved!

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