Simple PM Skincare routine

It’s a known phenomenon to get atleast 6-8 hours of restorative sleep at night. The real deep sleep and slumber is nature’s biggest defence against ageing. Research shows a direct correlation between sleep and skin’s feel and look, so don’t waste the wee hours being on your phone or gadgets. While you sleep, the body repairs itself. The hormones are at peak during your deep sleep phase and that’s when all the repair to your collagen and elastin takes place.

Lack of sleep constricts the blood vessels on your face making the skin look dull and lacklustre. Also, if you feel your skin being taut after waking up that means it’s lost water during the repair and is dehydrated. It’s important to have a healthy night or PM skin routine so your skin can repair from the inside and outside at night.

Here is a simple routine for night.

1) Double Cleanse: Use a light balm cleanser or oil cleanser to remove the dirt, residue and sunscreen of the day. Follow it up with a light Face Wash which is not stripping or over-drying for your skin. Check out our 
gentle Lychee & Seabuckthorn Face Wash

2) Toner: A Toner sets the tone for hydration. A well formulated toner will add moisture to your skin, keep pores clean and balance the pH of your skin. Our toners are formulated with natural hydrosols like rose, vetiver, gooseberry and turmeric to add goodness of floral water to give you fresh and cleansed skin. Check out the gentleGooseberry & Turmeric Face Toner

3) Serum: Once the toner is well sprayed and has made the skin hydrated, wait for it to get absorbed before moving to the next step. Any serum that you use can be a treatment step. Pick the right serum for your skin concern, it could be open that tackles dark spots, pigmentation, or one just for exfoliation. Serums can be drying for some skin types so make sure to layer it with a good moisturiser.


4) Moisturiser: A night cream or a moisturiser will seal the goodness of the serum and all the previous layers and prevent TEWL. With this step you make sure that all the goodness stays intact. Our Gel Moisturiser – Olive Squalane & Cantaloupe, is the perfect consistency, non-sticky and it has great hydrating ingredients to deliver the goodness of moisture to your skin in a jiffy, without making your skin feel sticky or stretched out.


5) Face Oil: To avoid further tautness while you wake up in the morning, we highly, highly recommend using plant and seed-based oils for the face right after a moisturiser. Just a light massage of 2 drops of the oil can do wonders in keeping your skin tight, wrinkle free and firm with just a few strokes of massage with your fingers. Checkout our  Cucumber & Carrotseed Face Oil

6) Under Eye Care: Lastly the area under the eyes is prone to dryness and bags thanks to many factors from gadgets and stress, to lack of sleep. As mentioned above, sleep is non-negotiable. Along with that a good under eye product can do wonders on keeping you look fresh and healthy all day. Checkout our Pumpkin & Rosehip Under Eye Oil.


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