Top 6 ways to do Self – Care

Selfcare means different things to different people.Today, let’s dive deep into what the founders at BLISCENT feel about Self-Care. 
1) Reconnecting with nature: With the everyday hustle of order management, customer queries, backend website support and the tedious accounting hassles, its important to just take a break and go out in nature. Sometimes, the most basic things uplift your mood and make you feel great! A simple stroll near the beach is something our founder, Shefali truly enjoys. The waves make her feel relaxed and she feels rejuvenated. 
2) Treating yourself without feeling guilty: We all have our indulgences and more often than not it’s the guilty pleasure of enjoying a good piece of chocolate/ice cream or your favourite snack/meal. But why not? We are so wired to eat healthy and clean that sometimes it is great to also indulge and satisfy your taste buds. With the onset of the monsoon comes the craving to enjoy some hot bhajiyas with tea and our founder, Karishma does just that every chance she gets, that too guilt-free!
3) Pampering yourself: Being a mom, Shefali truly does not get time to look after herself that often. But no matter what, she never forgets to end her day with a basic face massage using her favorite face oil, the Cucumber & Carrot Seed Face oil

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