Wake Up with a Refreshed Face

Skincare Tips and Tricks: A blog with tips for improving your skincare routine.

Have you ever wondered how to wake up with a freshly glowy face? With the growing awareness of the importance of skincare, more and more people are turning to simple but effective skincare. In this blog we will be sharing with you some of our favourite tips for improving your skincare routine which will leave your skin looking healthy and radiant.

  • Double Cleanse at Night
    • Use an oil-based cleanser to get rid of makeup & sunscreen as your first step
    • Use a gentle cleanser that is non-stripping to remove dirt and excess oil. Lychee & Seabuckthorn Face Wash would be perfect for this step as it is hydrating and does not dry your skin out.
  • Exfoliate
    • Gentle exfoliation is the key to a glowing, refreshed face.
    • Use very gentle non-abrasive scrubs or mild chemical exfoliants no more than twice a week to get rid of dead skin.
  • Toners
    • Use a hydrating facial mist made with natural ingredients
    • This will provide a natural bounce and freshness to your skin
  • Hydrating moisturiser
  • Face Oil
    • Seal in the goodness of all the other skincare used by applying a lightweight face oil
    • This will prevent moisture loss from your skin and help achieve that fresh glow
    • Choose a face oil that is specially formulated for your skin type for best results
  • Sensorial skincare is key!
    • Sensorial skincare products help you feel more comfortable while using them because they stimulate both touch and sight through their textures and smells.
    • This makes it easier to use them consistently because they make you feel more relaxed while they're being applied!
  • Last but not least - SUNSCREEN
    • Do not overlook this step in your daytime skincare routine as sun damage is real.
    • Even if it is a cloudy day, do not skin sunscreen.

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