Why use a Gel Moisturiser?

Lately, there has been a huge uptick in people preferring to use Gel-based moisturisers. But why?
This is the type of moisturiser that is suitable for all kinds of skin. It is the perfect combination of a gel and a cream that gives a boost of hydration to your skin. It is incredibly light-weight yet delivers the required water to your skin. Some gel moisturisers also combine great ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid & Saccharide Isomerate which help in holding water molecules to your skin. This helps in defending the skin against trans-epidermal water loss.
Sometimes people with oily and acne prone skin types prefer to just skip a moisturiser thinking that their skin is already oily to begin with so adding this step may only worsen how their skin feels. They may fear that a heavy moisturiser may clog pores and lead to breakouts.
This however, is an absolute MYTH. Every type of skin needs moisture to function properly and stay healthy. When we do not use any moisturiser, our skin is forced to over produce oil in order to keep it moisturised which in turn leads to more oiliness. What a nightmare!
Gel-based moisturisers are a boon for such skin types as they are cooling, hydrating and get absorbed so easily and most sink into your skin quickly and leave little-to-no residue.
In humid or hot weather, most people prefer to use non-greasy and light-weight gels as they do not want to be a sticky sweaty mess when out and about. Opting for a gel moisturizer with HA will benefit those with dry skin as it has the ability to bind upto 1000 times its weight in water and deliver a boost of hydration to parched skin.
If you are looking for a gel moisturiser that keeps your skin hydrated, supple and deeply pampered with moisture, we have just the right one for you!
Our Olive Squalane &  Gel Mosturizer  features a powerhouse of actives & luxurious ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Squalane, Niacinamide, Cantaloupe extracts etc in a weightless gel formulation. It is perfect for parched skin which lacks lustre and needs a quick pick-me-up. This easy-to-use product can be a part of anyone’s daily routine regardless of their skin type as it is suitable for all.
To summarize, this is why you need a gel moisturiser in your daily routine pronto:
- It is cooling
- It is non-greasy
- It is light-weight & gets absorbed quickly
- No oily residue on your pillow
- It is best for use in hot & humid weather
- Suitable for all skin-types
- Keeps your skin bouncy & hydrated

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