Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Ageing is a part and parcel of life. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t take care of our skin and health from as early as possible so that we can try to delay the process. All skin types are beautiful – whether they are dry, oily, aged, acne-prone, sensitive etc. There are a few steps that we can follow to ensure healthy skin that makes us feel beautiful from the inside-out. The choices we make every day - what we eat, where we go, how we feel - affect how your skin looks.

Here are some essential tips to keep those wrinkles at bay:

1) Wash your face with a gentle cleanser - Try to avoid extremely harsh cleansers/products – these will strip your skin of the natural oils and sebum and in turn make your skin crave for moisture. The goal is to preserve your skin barrier.
Lychee & Sea Buckthorn Face Wash is the perfect mild cleanser for your daily routine. It cleanses gently without stripping your skin and is fragrance free to suit all skin types.
2) Use a serum that is targeted towards anti-aging and pat it in gently.
3) Watch your diet – the food you eat greatly determines how your skin looks. Foods rich in antioxidants, such as fish, fruits, and vegetables, seem to help protect skin. Higher intakes of vitamin C and a lower intake of fats and carbohydrates are associated with better appearance as your skin ages.
4) Moisturise - As we age, our skin produces lesser sebum. This means that the skin will dry out more easily. One of the big reasons for fine lines is inadequate skin hydration and moisture. Look for a moisturizer that contains water-binding humectants like hyaluronic acid.
Olive Squalane & Cantaloupe Gel Moisturiser is perfect for all weathers and keep the skin juicy and hydrated.

Bonus tip – Add in some Face Oils like our Cucumber & Carrotseed Face Oil to seal in all the goodness of your skincare routine. Lightweight face oils are not only great for anti-aging but protect your skin and keep it baby soft.


5)      Protect with sunscreen always - The sun’s rays are notorious for aging our skin faster than we would like, it is extremely important to protect it from pigmentation, age spots and wrinkles.
6)      Sleep on a silk pillowcase and change it every few days – pressing your face against other harsh materials may cause sleep wrinkles.
7)      Don’t rub or tug at your skin too much. Avoid touching it at all times as our skin is delicate and by doing so, we invite skin sagging much earlier that it needs to happen.
8)      Exercise on a daily basis to improve blood circulation. Better blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients and may help your skin produce collagen, which keeps wrinkles at bay.
9)      Get your beauty sleep - Getting 7-8 hours a night will keep your body and skin in top shape.
10)  Limit/Quit excessive smoking and drinking alcohol as these are major culprits of causing premature wrinkles. Smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and contributes to the breakdown of collagen. Less collagen means more wrinkling.

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